Raising Self Esteem

Everyone talks about self esteem but what is it?  Well, unfortunately it is not something you can pull out and hold in our hands and although we all have an idea of what self esteem means to us, it is not something that is put into words easily.

Self esteem is the opinion you have about yourself, what you think about yourself and how you value yourself.  If you have it in abundance, excellent but if you don’t read on.

If you have low self esteem it can affect all areas of your life.  You may be lacking in confidence and therefore find it hard to make new friendships.  You may find it hard to make decisions as you do not have trust in your judgment.  Relationships may struggle as your confidence plummets, the faith you have in yourself is non-existent and you wonder what it is your partner sees in you.

So what can be done about it?

Start Small


Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your confidence levels.  By laying down some foundations blocks you will be able to start slowly building up your confidence one block at a time.

In order to start boosting your self esteem and self confidence try the following:

  • Go out today and buy yourself a small or big journal. This is going to be your ‘Self Esteem Journal’ or your new best friend!
  • Decorate it, personalise it, do anything to it which makes it feel like your special book….after all you are going to be spending a lot of time together.
  • Ask family and friends to name 3 of your best qualities and enter these into your book.
  • Each night before going to bed write down 3 things in your journal:
  1. What you have achieved today
  2. One positive thing you have noticed in yourself today
  3. One good thing you did today
  • Every time someone compliments you, instead of brushing it off and telling yourself ‘Oh, they’re just saying that to be nice!’ (yes, I know you tell yourself that!) write it down in your journal.
  • Now each time you catch yourself saying negative things about yourself, get out your journal and remind yourself about all the good things you do, all the good things you see and remind yourself that you are a unique and fantastic person!
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