A Summer’s Morning with Anthony Robbins

For many years now it has been my goal to see Anthony Robbins in the flesh and today was that day. The energy Mr Robbins has is quite extraordinary.  After 4 hours of continual talking and moving, when the audience had started to flag, he would bounce around the stage and repeatedly get everyone back on their feet in order to wake them up and reinforce his message. ‘Emotion comes from motion’ and there was definitely lots of that during the morning…  I was thankful I wore my trainers!

Anthony Robbins claims that he is not into ‘positive thinking’ and yet that is exactly what he instills into others.  His approach to generating passion, goals & dreams in others, is not about teaching them to think more positively, for Robbins it’s about ‘doing’ and it’s about ‘moving’, the more energy you create the more likely it is that you will remember what you learn.

Setting your goals is about you, it’s unique to you, it’s not about everyone else’s dreams, it’s not about measuring up to another person, it is about living life on your terms.

Robbins tells the audience to take a three step approach to their lives, He says:

  1. See things as they are but not worse than it is – Often people will see things in a very negative way usually because they fear failure.
  2. See things better than they are - To go forward with your goals you need to build on what actually is and then envisage things even better.
  3. Make it the way you see it - when you create the vision (no.2) you then need to start putting strategies in place that will enable you to reach you desired goal.

Success according to Robbins is 80% Psychological and 20% mechanics.  Therefore, if we change the way we think and the way we view things we are 80% of the way there.  Great news, if you ask me!

When he looks at happiness and life satisfaction the formula is clear – If your life conditions meet your goals then you will be happy, if your life conditions exceed your goals you will feel estatic but if your life conditions do not meet your goals or expectations then unhappiness and depression will follow.  So what can you do?  well, it is simple you either get busy making changes or you lower your expectations and change your goal.  I know what I’d prefer to do.

As Robbins says ‘If you do what youve always doneyou‘ll get what youve always gotten.‘ I can’t argue with that. How many of us repeat the same old patterns but somehow, expect different results?  If you want to make a change in your life, you have to change those patterns. You can do it!

Tomorrow I get to spend my morning with either Sir Richard Branson or Lord Alan Sugar…. I can’t wait!

  1. AliAli07-02-2011

    I absolutely agree with Robbins and it works on a much bigger scale too, as Ghandi said “be the change you want to see in the world”

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