Flirt Your Way To A Happy Relationship

Many couples forget how important it is to make their partner feel special. Years of marriage or being together can make couples take each other for granted. But remember those early days of your relationship, when your stomach did a flip every time your partner walked in the room? Well, flirting isn’t just for couples in the early throes of their relationship, flirting is for everyone. Bring back some of that flirtatious behaviour to enhance the relationship you have together and ensure a happier marriage.

Now, you may both be out of practice and need to brush up on your flirting skills but open up your mind, sharpen up your flirting skills and in no time at all you will be experiencing your relationship in a whole new way.

Have A Good Time:

Believe it or not, seeing your partner having a good time and enjoying herself is extremely sexy! So, if you are smiling, laughing and thoroughly enjoying yourself with your partner or with others, she will notice (even across a crowded room) and will want to share some of that enjoyment with you.

Remember To Smile:

A smile can say a thousand words. Show gratitude to your partner through a simple smile. Seeing your face light up will make your partner happy. Happiness is infectious…. spread it around a little!

Give Your Partner Your Full Attention:

Remember when your partner is talking to you, show that you are paying attention, this means maintaining eye contact with him throughout conversations and not multi-tasking. Actively listening will show your partner that you care and you are interested in what he or she has to say.

Eye Contact:

If you are in a crowded room, catch your partner’s eye and hold his gaze for a second longer than usual…. He will feel your attention and want more.

Be Impulsive And Unpredictable:

Being in a long-term relationship can lead to each party taking the other for granted. Relationships can become stale and boring when there is no variety. Show your partner you care by doing something out of the ordinary. Decorate the house with candles, book a surprise weekend for just the two of you or dress up in something sexy (yes, that also means you men!) Keep your partner guessing what you will do next!

Compliment Each Other:

Sincere flattery will get you everywhere. Tell your partner when they look great, whisper in his ear when he smells divine, or remind her of why she is special to you.

Flirt, Even When He Or She Is Not Around:

Sending naughty text messages will leave him desperate to come home. Slip naughty notes in her bag. Email him during the day…. He will be reminded that you are thinking of him. Just because she is not physically there doesn’t mean you can’t show her that you are fantasizing about what you would be doing if she were.

Physical Contact:

Physical contact can play an important role in long-term relationships, so don’t forget to hold hands, rub each other’s shoulders after a long day or simply make the time to cuddle.


Talk to her… tell her what you want or what turns you on. However much we might wish that the other person could read our minds, it’s very unlikely so remember if you want something, you have to ask.


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