Develop Your Intuition

Develop Your Intuition!

Introductory Workshop in Loughton:  27th May 2012; 2.30pm-5.30pm

Intuition can sometimes be referred to as our sixth sense or our inner guidance system. It is also termed the ability to sense things that are beyond the reasoning of the conscious mind. We are all born with this ability but tend to overlook its significance, most especially because we have been conditioned to rely more on facts but facts are just one part of the picture. There is a whole lot more out there that we do not know about, but is there to assist us in seeing the bigger picture and to enable us live a more enriching and fulfilling life. Our intuition is just one of them.

Learning to harness and use our intuition makes us more proficient in applying it. Its benefits are numerous and includes the ability to,

  • Sense the sincerity or truth about a particular person or situation
  • Determine what is in the best interest of the self and others
  • Rapidly build up an awareness of yourself and others
  • Assist others in the unfolding of their intuitive awareness

Developed intuitive skills can be of great assistance to everyone. Those in the helping professions, including parents, teachers, therapists, managers, nurses, coaches, etc. are known to have benefitted from it.

Topics to be covered:

  • Intuition – What is it? Am I intuitive?
  • My intuitive senses/awareness – how it works!
  • My intuitive senses/awareness – how do I use it?
  • Integrity in intuitive awareness
  • Intuitive awareness in action – Exercises
  • Further Skills development

Introductory Workshop This is designed to introduce participants to the art of intuition and to assist them in laying a foundation for further development.


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