How To Be Happy

Transitional Therapy welcomes Mark Leonard.

Date:  Sunday, April 22, 2012, 2:30 PM

The subject of this meet up on the 22nd April will be How to be Happy.

Leading the discussion will be Mark Leonard a clinical hypnotherapist with years of experience in helping people overcome life’s difficulties. Mark will be discussing concepts of the self and showing how we can use different techniques in relation to these concepts to make ourselves happy.

The underlying belief in this group is that by understanding more about how our minds really work and how to use them we can enhance our personal potentials in a holistic way to enjoy fuller happier lives.

The group is friendly non-judgmental and open to anyone interested in personal development. At each meeting this group is led by an expert who can explain how to do things such as how to feel confident and calm in new situations, how to reduce stress, how to develop good relationships, how to improve your memory, how to stop worrying etc… Each meeting will have a different topic and members are welcome to put forward ideas for future meet-up themes.


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