Unleash The Power Within with Anthony Robbins

If anyone is considering making genuine, long-lasting changes to their life I recommend attending one of Anthony Robbins seminars.  I’ve just attended his 4-day event at Excel London and what an experience it was.  The atmosphere every day was electric and the firewalk was an experience I will NEVER forget (the burn blisters have healed already honestly!).  Anthony Robbins was as charismatic and enthusiastic as ever (where does that man get his energy from?).

Many of the exercises had their roots in NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) which I often use in my own coaching practice but I also learnt many more tools and techniques.  It was truly inspirational to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who really want the best out of life, I met some wonderful people.  So if you think you should make changes or you could make changes, make it a must, you never know where life may take you……  See you at UPW 2013!

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