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Lucid Dreaming

  Lucid Dreams Ever wondered how you could experience lucid dreams?  Click on the picture below to find out.  

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Dreamwork Group in Loughton, Essex & South Woodford, London. ‘The dream is a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the soul. ‘ ~ Jung 1933 As a therapist with a passion for Jungian psychotherapy, dream work is important to me, not only as a therapist but also as an individual who strives to understand more …

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Embrace Your Midlife Crisis

Once upon a time, you were young…. Life spanned the horizon, full of promises. You had your life mapped out, wife and children by the age of 35, a great career, money in the bank, holidays twice a year, a beautiful home, good health, a fast car… in fact, your life would be pretty fantastic. Fast forward to now and …

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The Meaning of Depression

Often clients will come through the door after suffering from depression for a large proportion of their adult lives.  As we explore the depression and where the depression may have come from, many questions are thrown up. Every thought, feeling and emotion arises for a reason and depression is no different.  If a client can work out the meaning of …

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