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Couching – Where Coaching Meets Counselling

  I recently came across an article in the The Journal of BACP Coaching which discussed a intersection between coaching and counselling. Traditionally, counselling is seen as a discipline which explores present and past behaviours whereas coaching focuses on the client’s present and future. However, this does not mean that counsellors do not look at the future with their clients …

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Unleash The Power Within with Anthony Robbins

If anyone is considering making genuine, long-lasting changes to their life I recommend attending one of Anthony Robbins seminars.  I’ve just attended his 4-day event at Excel London and what an experience it was.  The atmosphere every day was electric and the firewalk was an experience I will NEVER forget (the burn blisters have healed already honestly!).  Anthony Robbins was …

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I’ve Set My Goals – Now What?

People set goals to give them purpose in the life, to increase their potential, to enhance, enrich and increase their happiness in life but what if you have set your goal, you are working towards it but you still do not feel content, satisfied or happy? Well, you may have missed out an important step. It is important when setting …

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A Summer’s Morning with Anthony Robbins

For many years now it has been my goal to see Anthony Robbins in the flesh and today was that day. The energy Mr Robbins has is quite extraordinary.  After 4 hours of continual talking and moving, when the audience had started to flag, he would bounce around the stage and repeatedly get everyone back on their feet in order …

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Goal Setting

Life Coaching is about helping clients realise their goals, it is about facilitating the performance, learning and development of the client.  Sessions involve a unique conversation between the coach and the client, this conversation encourages the client to explore and navigate through an aspect of the client’s life that he or she may wish to change. In order to help …

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