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Unleash The Power Within with Anthony Robbins

If anyone is considering making genuine, long-lasting changes to their life I recommend attending one of Anthony Robbins seminars.  I’ve just attended his 4-day event at Excel London and what an experience it was.  The atmosphere every day was electric and the firewalk was an experience I will NEVER forget (the burn blisters have healed already honestly!).  Anthony Robbins was …

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Develop Your Intuition

Develop Your Intuition! Introductory Workshop in Loughton:  27th May 2012; 2.30pm-5.30pm Intuition can sometimes be referred to as our sixth sense or our inner guidance system. It is also termed the ability to sense things that are beyond the reasoning of the conscious mind. We are all born with this ability but tend to overlook its significance, most especially because …

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How To Be Happy

Transitional Therapy welcomes Mark Leonard. Date:  Sunday, April 22, 2012, 2:30 PM The subject of this meet up on the 22nd April will be How to be Happy. Leading the discussion will be Mark Leonard a clinical hypnotherapist with years of experience in helping people overcome life’s difficulties. Mark will be discussing concepts of the self and showing how we can …

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Embrace Your Midlife Crisis

Once upon a time, you were young…. Life spanned the horizon, full of promises. You had your life mapped out, wife and children by the age of 35, a great career, money in the bank, holidays twice a year, a beautiful home, good health, a fast car… in fact, your life would be pretty fantastic. Fast forward to now and …

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Raising Self Esteem

Everyone talks about self esteem but what is it?  Well, unfortunately it is not something you can pull out and hold in our hands and although we all have an idea of what self esteem means to us, it is not something that is put into words easily. Self esteem is the opinion you have about yourself, what you think …

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