Bereavement Counselling in Woodford Green

“There is no correct way or time to grieve”

- Kübler-Ross

Bereavement counselling is for individuals who have experienced the loss of someone through death. Counselling helps grieving clients work through their grief and enables the client to learn coping mechanisms for the future which may involve being on their own for the first time in many years or learning to live without a parent, child, relative or friend. Bereavement counselling is recommended for anyone who feels that their life is being affected by their grief.

For many, the death of someone close will be the most psychologically distressing experience they will ever face.  The death of a significant other is a devastating loss, with each bereaved individual going through their own process of grief.

No one goes through bereavement process in the same way; each bereaved person’s experience will be unique with no set time period for grieving.

Often, a person will go through different stages of bereavement or grief as they come to terms with their loss.  This may include:

In the case of anticipatory grief, for example when a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness, a person may start going through these stages before the person close to them has passed away.  They may then revisit the stages once the person has gone.  The stages of grief are not linear and not everyone goes through all of the stages or goes through them in a prescribed order.

Transitional Therapy offers a calm and confidential space to explore your grief.  Many emotions are brought to the surface when we experience the death of someone close, bereavement counselling can offer a non-judgemental environment to explore your emotions so that healing and acceptance can begin.

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