Low Self Esteem and Confidence

Self-esteem can be described as a person’s evaluation or appraisal of his or her own worth. In other words, it is what a person believes about themselves and how the person values themselves.  There are numerous reasons and even combinations of reasons as to why a person may develop low self-esteem and low confidence.  The root of the issue can often be found in childhood but sometimes self esteem issues develop in adulthood.

You were not born with low self esteem or low confidence; Somewhere along the way you have adopted a set of beliefs about yourself that has lead to a decrease in your self worth and confidence.  The good news is, just as you choose to believe in the negative messages you send yourself now, you can choose to believe in something completely different.   After all, didn’t you once believe in Father Christmas?

The aim of  Counselling & Psychotherapy is to get to the root of the self-esteem issues, to explore where your low self-esteem issues may stem from and look carefully at the conversations you are having with yourself.  Counselling, Psychotherapy or Life Coaching can then help you to start putting things in place that will increase your sense of self worth and increase your levels of self esteem.


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