Panic Attacks


Panic happens when we believe we are powerless. It happens when we are confronting a danger which seems unavoidable and we often feel powerless in the face of it.

Any time an individual perceives danger, whether it is real or imagined, the body will react with the stress response.  Physically, the brain sends signals to the adrenal glands which triggers the release of adrenaline (fear) and noradrenaline (anger).  This release of adrenaline gets us ready to fight or flee.  The body will go into an evolutionary emergency mode, several systems within the body will shut down as the body works to conserve energy that will be used in the case of needing to flee the danger.  Adrenaline pumps throughout the body, making the heart rate increase.  Blood vessels contract increasing blood pressure, the digestive system ceases to function, muscles contract and breathing increases.  Recovery from a burst of adrenaline takes about ten minutes.

Panic attacks are usually short but the sense of powerlessness and the fear that accompanies them can often have long lasting effects.  The sense that you are losing control, that you are going crazy and that there is something serious wrong with you are all normal reactions during a panic attack.

In a panic attack you often do not know what you are afraid of.  Your mind will become hyper-vigilant as it searches for some explanation.  The mind wants to fill in the gaps to avoid the sense of powerlessness but in a panic attack none of this works.

Transitional Therapy will help you to address the panics attacks.  Together we will explore the possible root causes of the attacks, we will look at ways of addressing them and we will look at solutions.  I may use techniques from a number of different approaches to help you reduce the frequency of attacks, you will then have a number of tools that you can use to counteract the physical effects of the attacks.

Ultimately, it will be our aim to stop the panic and put you back in control.

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