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Relationship or Marriage Counselling  (also known as Couple Counselling)

In relationship counselling, it is the couple’s relationship that is the central focus. Even though each individual within the relationship may be experiencing problems of their own the focus is on how the relationship functions and how the two parties relate to one another. The goal of relationship and marriage counselling is to resolve the problems within the relationship itself, this does not mean that each person’s problems are not relevant to the counselling process, they are but only in how the problem impacts on the relationship. In relationship and marital counselling we will explore the history of the relationship in order to get some understanding of the problems occurring within the relationship at the present time.

Relationship counselling is more complex than individual counselling in the respects that there is more than one relationship in any given relationship.  There is the relationship that one individual is having with his or her partner and there is the relationship that the partner is having in return.  This is the same for heterosexual couples and gay couples.

Transitional Therapy takes a solution focused approach to relationship counselling.  I will provide space for each individual to express themselves, then together we will address the issues and find solutions for the problems within the relationship. Each individual will be treated equally, and I will remain unbiased and non-judgemental throughout the process.

Relationship and marriage counselling can be about finding a solution that enables you to stay with your partner or it may be about finding the best way for you to separate.  Whatever your needs as a couple, Transitional Therapy can help you go forward.

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