Individual Counselling Woodford Green

Counselling is a talking therapy, which aims to help individuals address difficult issues that may have arisen in a their lives.   Clients are encouraged to express, address and process any difficulties they may be having with a view to resolving and integrating the problem.

The counselling conversation is perhaps one of the most important conversations that individuals will have, both with themselves and with an Other.  The counsellor stands before the client as a mirror; as the client tells his or her story, the counsellor reflects parts of the self back to the client.  The counsellor also stands as a witness; a witness to a lifetime of experiences, struggles, hopes and beliefs.

Sessions encompass memories from the past, moments from the present and ideas about the future.  In this way counselling can be viewed as a dynamic, creative process. Together the counsellor and client work in ways to make sense of the past and create a new awareness of the self, going forward into the future.

Often the dynamics of the counselling relationship will resemble other relationships outside of the counselling room and thus counselling can be a reparative experience.  For example, if an individual finds it difficult to open up to others they may present as very guarded in sessions, with some work they may gradually learn to open up and then take what they have learned outside into their every day lives.

As a counsellor, my role is to help you with the process of dealing with whichever issues you may bring.  If at any time, I feel I am unable to help you in any way or I feel that another service may benefit you more, I will help you to make contact with other services or refer you on personally.

I take a flexible approach to counselling; sessions do not have to be at the same time every week if it is not convenient for you (for example, if you do shift work or need to find child care).  However, I do recommend regular appointments to enable us to keep up momentum.


Counselling versus Psychotherapy

 Although counselling and psychotherapy overlap in many ways and often the terms are used interchangeably.  Psychotherapy is often seen as a longer-term treatment whilst counselling is seen as a shorter-term treatment. Both therapies are successful in helping individuals overcome many of life’s difficulties with an aim of increasing a sense of well-being, happiness and life satisfaction.


Individual Counselling Woodford Green, Essex.

Single individual counselling sessions are 50 minutes long and involve a conversation between me (the therapist) and you (the client). Session are usually held on a weekly basis, however, this is not rigid and we can discuss your requirements in the first session.

Whatever your requirements, individual counselling in Woodford Green or counselling in Buckhurst Hill could make a huge difference to your life.

Please also contact me if you are in the surrounding areas and wish to come for counselling. Home counselling in South Woodford, Theydon Bois Woodford Green, Chigwell, Epping & Buckhurst Hill is available.  Skype and telephone counselling is also available on request.



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