Multimodal Therapy Woodford Green

Multimodal therapy is an approach to Counselling and Psychotherapy that was developed by Arnold Lazarus. It is a holistic approach to therapy and addresses the different modes of a person, such as:

  • Behaviour – How the client behaves
  • Affect – How the client feels
  • Sensations – What sensations the client is experiencing
  • Imagery – What images the client has built up or is building up
  • Cognition – What thoughts the client is having
  • Interpersonal Relationships – The relationships around the client
  • Drugs / Biology – The impact drugs or biology may be having on the issue

Once the above is established a number of tools and techniques will be employed to address the issues.  For example, CBT may be used to address faulty thought processes or visualisation techniques may be used to encourage positive imagery.

In order to start the process of Multimodal therapy the therapist will ask the client to fill out a Multimodal life inventory so they can devise a bespoke plan or approach to suit each individual client.

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