Psychodynamic Counselling Woodford Green

Psychodynamic counselling Woodford Green addresses the root cause of a client’s problems and issues. Often, issues will have their roots in childhood, by engaging in dialogue we will be able to explore and gain insight into your presenting issue.

This approach to therapy assumes that behaviour is driven by unconscious forces of which you may be unaware at the present time.  The subsequent inner conflict then results in a number of defence mechanisms that preserves your sense of self.

Defence mechanisms may include:

  • Denial – A refusal to accept external reality because it is too threatening to the individual.
  • Dissociation – Splitting-off a group of thoughts or activities from the main portion of consciousness.
  • Repression – The involuntary exclusion of a painful or conflictual thought, impulse, or memory from awareness.  This is the primary ego defence mechanism; others reinforce it.
  • Projection – A defence mechanism that involves taking our own unacceptable qualities or feelings and ascribing them to other people.
  • Repressed thoughts and feelings may eventually manifest in a number of ways, including: depression, anxiety, fear and anger.

Psychodynamic counselling works by understanding and acknowledging that most emotional problems stem from childhood, and that all experiences will have some kind of subsequent subconscious effect.

Transitional Therapy will help you to identify subconscious thoughts, and help you to understand how these thoughts may affect your behaviour. We will explore childhood experiences and the effects it may have had on your current situation.   A number of techniques may be used including, free association, dream analysis and an exploration of the therapeutic relationship.

Psychodynamic Therapy is often considered to be long-term therapy and will require you to attend sessions on a once or twice weekly basis.  Issues like depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and anger can all be successfully treated and improved using the Psychodynamic approach to therapy.

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